JSIF’s Contractors’ Seminar draws broad stakeholder support Loop Jamaica

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A range of key stakeholders turned out recently to support the Contractors’ Seminar that was hosted by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF) at the Courtyard Marriott, New Kingston Kingston.

Among the key stakeholders in attendance were representatives from the World Bank, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, the Incorporated Master Builders’ Association of Jamaica, contractors, engineers, quantity surveyors, JSIF’s management team, and the Jamaica Institution of Engineers.

The aim of the seminar was to broaden the level of interaction with key stakeholders and to transfer critical knowledge relating to project planning and execution, as well as procurement guidelines for contractions who wish to bid on the range national projects that are implemented by JSIF.

The seminar is also a platform to foster open communication and continuous dialogue about advancement of requisite construction practices and procurement guidelines.

The event highlighted key factors that have helped contractors to improve their efficiency in delivering quality outputs that are in keeping with the standards and policies of the built environment sector.

Some of the main topics that were covered at the seminar were

Government of Jamaica’s Electronic Procurement Guidelines, the World Bank’s Procurement Guidelines, JSIF’s Development Standards and Factors Affecting Project Profitability, and JSIF’s Quality Management Controls and Social Safeguards Policies and Procedures.

A section of the gathering of key stakeholders at the Jamaica Social Investment Fund’s (JSIF) Contractors’ Seminar held recently at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in New Kingston.

In addressing the participants, Omar Sweeney, JSIF’s Managing Director, extended commendations to all the stakeholders, in particular, the main funding partners, including the Government of Jamaica, the World Bank, the European Union (EU), and the Caribbean Development Bank, for their continued funding support over the years, which he said help to ensure that the various major infrastructure developments are successfully executed.

He also underscored the importance of the construction sector as one of the country’s major economic drivers. 

Additionally, he applauded all categories of engineers for their continued support in making Jamaica’s construction industry robust and resilient.

According to Sweeney, “In Jamaica, the construction industry is a major economic driver and, not merely about erecting infrastructure developments. 

“Additionally, the engineering field is diverse and serves as the blueprint for all major projects.  Engineering also brings a wealth of expertise, and contributes enormously to areas such as civil, structural, electrical, mechanical or environment. Overall, engineering expertise is essential for the successful planning, execution and completion of construction projects worldwide,” he elaborated.

The JISF is an agency of the Government of Jamaica, which has maintained its position for over 27 years as one of the Government’s leading project management agency that has implemented hundreds of major infrastructure projects.