Juliet Holness says her hubby, the PM, is ‘the real boss, my boss’ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

St Andrew East Rural Member of Parliament (MP), Juliet Holness, has given her husband, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, the assurance that her constituency will remain in the winning column of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) after the next general election.

Although that bold declaration and her outline of her roadmap to election victory were somewhat the themes of her speech, it was the statement at the end of her presentation that sent the labourites into a frenzy at the meeting.

“I’m gonna come down so you can listen to the man, the real boss, my boss,” said Mrs Holness before erupting into laughter and smiling.

The statement came after last week’s explosive interview with Manchester Central MP, Rhoda Crawford, who denied ever being in an intimate relationship with the prime minister, or ever being pregnant.

Crawford had even said the relationship between herself and Mrs Holness had no warmth, with the former seemingly blaming it on the rumours that have persisted for years about herself (Crawford) and the prime minister.

The story sent tongues wagging on social media platforms for several days, but on Sunday, that was of no moment to the JLP’s hierarchy and its supporters.

In fact, the Holnesses hugged and embraced each other at various stages of the constituency conference, where none of last week’s chatter about Crawford’s interview was mentioned.

With the next general election due in 2025, Mrs Holness told JLP supporters that the only way they would win the polls is if the party holds onto St Andrew East Rural, as well as St Andrew West Rural and St Andrew Eastern.

“We are all sister constituencies, and they are connected. If yuh win these three seats, Jamaica will have prosperity for a long time to come,” she stated.

Mrs Holness also dismissed rumours that she would be leaving St Andrew East Rural and going to another seat.

“Don’t waste time with a lot of the rumours. Why the PNP (People’s National Party) bogged down in rumours is that all you do is talk and talk and talk ’bout the rumours…,” she stated.

Despite being hoarse, Mrs Holness told her supporters that it was a strategy of their opponents to keep them focused on “wah nuh mek sense”.

She said labourites must focus on their party work, “so that whenever Andrew Michael Holness ring the bell…, East Rural St Andrew will be ready to take us home to victory.”