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Junior stocks led gains on Thursday’s trading on the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE).

The overall combined market gained 1.24 per cent to the day with trades valued at just over $850 million, mostly related to heavy block trades from institutions repositioning their portfolios for the new year.

The bulk of these heavy volume trades related to the main market, but the most volatile price movements happened on the junior market.

Leading the gains were juniors led by KLE Group up 27 per cent to $1.90, followed by Caribbean Cream up 18 per cent to $3.97, ISP Finance up 17 per cent to $29, Spur Tree up 16 per cent to $3.11 and AMG Packaging and Paper up 14.5 per cent to $2.75.

The top declining stocks were 138 Student Living Preference down 15 per cent to $96.90, Elite Diagnostic down 14 per cent to $1.51, MFS Capital Partners down 10 per cent to $2.05 and Access Financial down 8.0 per cent to $22.58 and 138 Student Living ordinary shares down 6.0 per cent to $3.89.

The JSE Combined Index advanced by 4,106 points (1.24 per cent) to close at 334,623 points and the volume traded amounted to 65,106,762 valued at $857.3 million.

The JSE Main Index advanced by 3,911 points (1.23 per cent) to close at 321,471 points and the volume traded amounted to 54,718,064 valued at $832.5 million.

The Junior Market Index advanced by 50.05 points (1.34 per cent) to close at 3,783 points and the volume traded amounted to 10,388,698 valued at $24.7 million.

Overall market activity resulted from trading in 108 stocks of which 58 advanced, 28 declined and 22 traded firm.

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