Kalilah Reynolds to speak at ROI Millionaire’s Summit in Puerto Rico Loop Jamaica

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If you know anything about Kalilah Reynolds, you know she will always go where the money resides.

Reynolds, who’s set to share knowledge on how to make money on social media with a 1000-plus member audience, is currently off the island at a major millionaire conference.

The business and finance journalist and content creator has earned the highly coveted spot as a speaker at ‘ROI (Return on Investment): The Millionaire’s Summit’ in Puerto Rico.

The three-day event, which kicks off today (January 24) and runs until the 26, is slated to attract over 1000 CEOs and entrepreneurs from around the world, in every field and at varying levels of their wealth journey.

This will mark the largest audience Reynolds has ever presented to in person and it was made possible by the domino effect of reading We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers, the CEO of business coaching company Hello Seven.

Reynolds was only six months into her journey as a full-time entrepreneur at the time she read the book and it had a transformative effect on her life.

It led to her joining Rodgers’ Millionaire’s Club, which gave her tremendous value, guidance and the opportunity to be selected as a speaker at the event which is being hosted by Hello Seven.

“To be selected as one of five out of thousands of club members to share their stories on the main stage at ROI is truly humbling and potentially life-changing. It’s validation that my story and message are not only relevant in Jamaica, but can have a global impact. It’s also a tremendous opportunity to connect in person with CEOs and business founders from around the world, many of whom may be ideal collaborators or clients,” Reynolds shared.

Reynolds is the founder and CEO of Kalilah Reynolds Media Limited (KRM), the only Jamaican resident speaker among an impressive lineup of millionaires and millionaires in the making.

These speakers include the CEO of Hello Seven, Rachel Rodgers; CEO and founder of Slutty Vegan, Pinky Cole; American actress and entrepreneur, Amy Purdy; founder of Backstage Capital, Arlan Hamilton; CEO of Stax, Suneera Madhani, and many more

Reynolds will present on the topic ‘How to really make money from social media’, helping content creators understand how they can not only make moneyon social media but, more importantly, because of social media.

She explained, “Having built a successful business on social media over the past three years, I have a lot to share about how to be successful on these platforms from a business perspective. People tend to think that a lot of followers equals success on social media, but you’d be surprised to know how many people with a large following are earning very little or nothing from their platforms. I’m very passionate about helping people understand the true business potential of their platforms.”

Reynolds brings her expertise as executive producer of the business talk show, Taking Stock, which has racked up nearly three million views on YouTube.

She is also a published author of two books and holds a master’s degree in Communications Studies from the University of the West Indies and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Fordham University in New York City.

The wife and mother of three, Reynolds balances it all and looks forward to not only sharing her knowledge at the seminar but learning from others such as Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, co-founders of Earn Your Leisure (EYL), a media platform that educates emerging and established content creators in business, finance, and general entrepreneurship towards achieving their goals.

Reynolds noted that she’s a huge fan. “I’m very interested in learning more about their business model and how they’ve been able to scale and achieve their level of success. They’re leaders in my industry, so I want to learn as much as possible from them.”

She’s also especially interested to learn from Pinky Cole, CEO and founder of Slutty Vegan-a nationally acclaimed, Atlanta-based burger joint offering creative takes on plant-based burgers.

Cole is of Jamaican heritage and rose from humble beginnings to become the owner of a multi-million dollar restaurant empire.

Reynolds said, “I’m truly excited for what’s to come. I know that it will be another life-changing experience for me and I’m eager to see the ways in which this opportunity to share what I’ve learned while simultaneously learning from others will help propel me onto the next level.”