Keep your young children comfortable while flying with these tips Loop Jamaica

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Babies are cute but most people don’t want to sit next to one on a plane.

The crying, screaming and overall fussiness could be a real pain to your senses, especially on long-haul flights.

For parents flying with their young ones, it is stressful having to deal with a fussy baby while cognisant of the side eyes that you are getting from fellow passengers.

If you are a parent of a baby or toddler and you are travelling with your children, here are some tips to keep them comfortable and lessen their distress during the flight.

Ease their distress during take-off and landing

A main cause of distress for babies and toddlers is the change in cabin pressure during take-off and landing. Feeding your baby during these times and giving your toddler a crunchy snack or lollipop to suck on helps to reduce the distress.

Walk with a car seat

Some airlines allow you to use a car or safety seat for your children. On American Airlines and Caribbean Airlines, for instance, you must have bought a seat for the child in order to use a safety seat. Window seats are preferred for safety seats to be installed. CAL states that the car seat cannot be used in bulkhead seats, or seats that would block anyone’s access to the aisle of the aircraft, the emergency exit row, or the row in front of or behind an emergency exit row. The car seat must also conform with approved FAA/CAA requirements. AA says that safety seats are not allowed in First or Business class on select planes due to the seat angles.

Make them comfortable

Keep them snug with a pillow and blanket as well as his/her favourite stuffed toy. Check your airline to see if they provide bassinets for your baby to sleep in and ensure they aren’t too warm or too cold.

Pack extra food and clothing

Ensure you have enough formula for your baby if it is formula fed as well as water to mix the formula. Pack extra snacks for your toddler if they get hungrier than usual on a long flight or if your flight has been delayed and ensure you have extra clothing, wipes and diapers.

Keep them engaged

Walk with your children’s favourite book, plush toy, or a device for showing their favourite shows to keep your children engaged. Feel free to walk up and down the aisles with them as well if they want to move around.

Time your flight

If you can, book your flight at a time you know your child is likely to be asleep so they are less likely to be awake and fussy during the flight. If possible, ensure nappies are changed prior to the flight so your baby remains dry and comfortable on board. If you do need to change diapers, check out the airline’s policy. CAL does not allow diapers to be changed in the cabin, only in the bathroom where there are changing tables installed.