Keyshia Ka’oir Celebrates Birthday With Gucci Mane & Family In Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Businesswoman Keyshia Ka’oir enjoyed her 39th birthday in Jamaica with her entire Jamaican family, her children, and her husband, Gucci Mane.

The entrepreneur was all smiles as she showed off parts of her vacation where she met up with her family members, including taking them food shopping and enjoying an outdoor bar-b-que featuring her favorite foods.

Ka’oir was born on January 6, 1985, and long before she became Gucci Mane’s wife, she was a renowned celebrity stylist before she became a multi-millionaire with her fitness and cosmetics line. Over the years, her business acumen has taken a back seat as she tends to her marriage to Gucci Mane and their two youngest children, Ice, 2, and Iceland, 1.

In an update to fans on Thursday, the St. Thomas parish-born artiste revealed that she desired to spend her birthday with her family in Jamaica.

“Could’ve celebrated my birthday anywhere in the world but I chose JAMAICA so I could celebrate with my family mi love unu baad,” she captioned a carousel of photos to make her birthday celebration.

The photos revealed a tight and toned body, which she showed off in her red one-piece bodysuit that fits like a v-shaped panty with a giant rose at the chest area. She also posted photos showing her bussing a whine at what seems to be a dancehall-inspired birthday party to Spice’s “Needle Eye” song.

The fashion icon rocks her heels as she whines to the ground. The party has many women who seem to be her family members.

Keyshia also shared photos of herself walking around Morant Bay, where she grew up. Only a few celebrities go to non-tourist parts of the island like Morant Bay. In this historic town, one of the most impactful slave rebellions occurred in Jamaica before slavery abolition.

Despite her outfit and jewelry, Keyshia blended in with the locals as she, her husband, and children with family members made their way through the modest town. She was also spotted stopping to take photos with her fans on the streets and devouring a Jamaican classic- bun and cheese fresh from the bakery.

Ice and Gucci Mane were also spotted enjoying a cookout featuring fried chicken, curried goat, oxtail, and other Jamaican foods.