KSAMC seeking overseas help with market district’s garbage collection | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

The Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) is in discussions with international solid waste management entity, Hinckley, to find solutions for the constant pile-up of garbage in the downtown Kingston market district.

According to Kingston Mayor, Delroy Williams, the discussions are still in the early stages and are about areas such as Chapel Lane, Coronation Market, Oxford Mall, Darling Street and a section of Spanish Town Road, which are all in the market district.

“We have approached Hinckley, an international organisation, and put forward the issues we have within the market district and seeking their expertise on it in terms of advice, and so we are awaiting that. So we are at the stage where we are just initiating conversation with them on that matter,” said Williams.

He stated that this is one of the methods that the KSAMC is contemplating using to finally solve the solid waste problem in the area. He said the Engineering Department is looking at various methods of combustion and compressing, and has also proposed a drying method for the guts of fish at the fish market.

“We have approached other persons with the technical capability to seek advice from them. So generally what we are saying is, the solid waste management in the market district is an issue that we are looking at,” said Williams.

Meanwhile, according to him in an interview with the media on Tuesday, drain-cleaning exercises within the municipality are to begin later this month for the hurricane season, which officially began on June 1.

He said the work is to begin with the cleaning of the critical coastal drains before advancing in July to the critical non-coastal drains, after which the KSAMC is to embark on the general cleaning of drains in the Corporate Area.

He stated that throughout the season, the drains are to be monitored and when the need arises, and with the necessary funding in place, the drains will be cleaned.

“The drain-cleaning programme is quite established by the municipality. Generally, it has worked for us, and I would say we have far greater storm water surface runoff now than before, so we are preparing as best as we can,” said Williams.