LADY LOVE! Bikers say women go for the noisy units – ITA director | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Director of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA), Kenute Hare, is pointing to women as the ‘root cause’ of the current fad of motorcyclists removing the silencers from their mufflers, resulting a noise nuisance across the country.

According to Hare in an interview with Loop News last week, motorcyclists disclosed during workshops in the various parishes across the country that they are motivated by the fact that women love the noise that the bikes make when the silencers are removed.

Hare said at these workshops, the motorcyclists were warmed several times to return the silencers to the vehicles, but they have generally not heeded the advice, which has forced the ITA, along with the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), to be about to act in a big way on the matter.

“We have been speaking to these motorcyclists. We guh Westmoreland, we guh to Portland, we guh across the country and we tell them, put back the silencers and they tek wi for jokers. They laugh at us, they mock us. Enough is enough,” said Hare.

“We warned them before that one day is going to come that if you don’t hear, action is going to be taken. Now is action time. We are not going to sit down and allow those noisy mufflers to rain terror on the eardrums of the people anymore. We have in possession, decibel metres and we are committing resources.

“When they come to the depot, they put in back the silencers. So that means they are being deliberate, being calculated, and know the right thing, but (it is) style. You know why they said they do it, the girls love it, it feels cute. They tell me that!” said Hare.

The ITA, in a recent release, said joint operations will be conducted with the JCF to address the nuisance caused by excessively loud motorcycles, which have been sources of nuisance in communities all across the island.

According to Hare, Jamaicans have long been complaining about the noise from the motorcyclists, and the decibel meters acquired by the ITA, which are to be used during the pending operations, are to determine the noise levels to protect the eardrums of the population. He said the noise is also a problem for other areas of the society, such as courts and hospitals.

Hare is asking Jamaicans to take pictures with the licence plate numbers, of motorcycles who are observed creating the noise problem, and posts them on social media. He said the ITA will find and seek to enforce the law on the perpetrators.

He is once again pleading to the motorcyclists to return the silencers to the mufflers, while also encouraging family members to insist that the offenders comply with the law.

“We appeal to the women and children in the households of these noisy, nuisance motorcycles to tell the motorcyclists, and normally it’s the males doing it. Tell daddy, uncle, brother to put back the silencers. Man and man, mi a talk to unuh now, put in back the silencers!” he said.