Land sale warning in Old Harbour Loop Jamaica

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The National Land Agency (NLA) and the Commissioner of Lands are cautioning the public that they have not issued any publication or statements indicating that lands are available for sale within the Old Harbour, St Catherine area, and/or its environs.

The NLA, in a statement Friday, said this includes properties in the Church Street and Thetford areas.

“The National Land Agency / Commissioner of Lands is therefore advising potential investors to do their due diligence before engaging in any arrangement for these lands, or any other properties. When lands and or properties are available for sale or divestment by the National Land Agency /Commissioner of Lands, they are advertised on the Agency’s website at: , in the newspaper, and at various locations within locality to the land or property to include: post offices, police stations, tax offices, etc,” the NLA said.

It is urging members of the public to exercise vigilance, and to contact the agency if they have queries about any land or property.

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