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Let’s Talk – What Should Be Done To Minimise The Risk Of Cows Walking On To Roads & Causing Fatal Crashes (Video: Marlon Reid)

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Just this week, two people died in separate road crashes due to cows walking on to roads at night.

This has raised several questions, some surrounding the accountability of farmers and other related to whether anything can be done from the policy level to minimise the risk of these cases occurring.

After all, an incident like this could happen to just about anyone, even a very cautious motorist.

The two fatal crashes this week occurred in the western end of Jamaica, and resulted in the deaths of policeman Tajay Ebanks and Christopher Samuels, but the issue is not unique to rural Jamaica.

In the Kingston Metropolitan Transport Region, there have been reports of other animals, including goats, dogs, and to a lesser extent donkeys, playing a part in accidents over the years.

For Let’s Talk this week, the Loop News team asked: What should be done to minimise the risk of animals walking onto roads and causing fatal crashes?

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July 14, 2023 11:11 PM

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