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Let’s Talk -Should The Profanity Law Be Amended 1

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The recently held Reggae Sumfest saw a dancehall artiste being charged after using profanities during his performance, and other artistes shared that they were told not to use profanity during their set.

The artiste continued to use profanity, despite being warned to desist,

Dancehall artiste Bayka was charged with using profanity after he was warned to desist, but continued. Under the Towns and Communities Act, the public use of profane, indecent, or obscene language is punishable by law.

Bayka was escorted from backstage by the police, and since then, the discussion on the laws against profanity that usually follows major shows that feature dancehall acts has been ignited.

Is the issue freedom of speech or common decency? Is it censorship or encouraging good behaviour? Should the law remain on the books and be upgraded, or should it be removed as a relic of colonial law?

So, to get the views from Jamaicans on the issue, the Loop News team hit the streets of the Corporate Area to ask: Should the laws against profanity be amended?

Video shot and edited by Marlon Reid

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