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Let’s Talk – Should parents search their child’s bag before boing to school

The level of violence children are meting out to each other in schools has increased significantly since the reopening of partial face-to-face classes at the beginning of January and the full resumption at the start of this new school term, early March.

Several students have been injured in attacks on each other, with William Knibb Memorial High School’s daCosta Cup goalkeeper Kamal Hall, losing his life while being involved in a dispute with another student, allegedly over a ring.

Social media have several videos circulating in which students of high schools are engaged in fights, with the latest widely known injury taking place Wednesday morning at Petersfield High School in Westmoreland.

A female student was allegedly stabbed with a knife by another female, while both fought in the schoolyard. The injured student was treated at the hospital with the alleged attacker taken into police custody.

With the increased level of violence, Loop News took to the streets of Half-Way-Tree Friday afternoon, for this week’s Let’s Talk: Should parents check their children for weapons before sending them to school?

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