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The fraud case involving St Andrew businessman John Levy and his wife, Donna, has been sent to a case management hearing.

The Levy couple are to appear in the Half-Way Tree Criminal Court Thursday when the case management hearing, where procedural issues related to a case are considered ahead of the trial, is to begin.

Mr Levy is a principal of Ecomarine Energy Company Limited and EcoPetroleum Limited.

Both John and Donna Levy are facing fraud charges concerning the alleged illegal transfer of a motor vehicle.

The couple made their first court appearance in January this year after they were arrested and hit with criminal charges in December 2021.

It is alleged that Mr Levy, when he was a director of Island Lubes Company Limited, bought a truck without the company’s permission and then transferred the vehicle in his name.

The truck in question is said to be the property of the company which is a subsidiary of the West Indies Petroleum Limited (WIPL).

The Levys were charged by the Police Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch.

The 59-year-old businessman was charged with forgery, fraud as a director, conspiracy to defraud, simple larceny, and creating public mischief.

The 56-year-old Mrs Levy is facing charges of conspiracy to defraud and receiving stolen property.
John Levy was removed as director of Island Lubes in March 2021, while his wife, who was the company secretary, resigned in April 2020.

Levy and another businessman, Courtney Wilkinson along with Information Technology specialist, Winston Henry, are facing criminal charges in a separate matter.

In that case, Wilkinson who’s the president of Alcor Windows and Doors is charged with unauthorised access to computer programme or data, conspiracy to gain unauthorised access, conspiracy to access with intent to commit or facilitate the commission of an offence, and conspiracy to unauthorised modification of computer programme or data.