Life sentence for woman convicted of killing her boyfriend’s spouse Loop Jamaica

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A High Court judge has determined that a sentence of life imprisonment is “appropriate” for a Portland woman who was convicted of stabbing her boyfriend’s common-law spouse, a German woman, more than 30 times in 2014.

According to the judge, such a life sentence was deserving, as the 41-year-old convicted woman, who was a livestock farmer, walked several miles in darkness and invaded the German national’s premises for the sole purpose of murdering her with a knife she (the convict) had in her possession.

The convict, Sherine Campbell, was ordered to serve 20 years and five months in prison before being eligible for parole consideration.

She was found guilty of the murder of 49-year-old Ute Soetebier by a seven-member jury, which returned a unanimous verdict at the end of a 12-day trial in the Portland Circuit Court in July of this year.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP), in a statement at the time, said Campbell inflicted over 40 stab wounds to the victim.

But at the sentencing hearing on Friday, presiding Judge, Justice Vaughn Smith, said Campbell gave the German woman “more than 30 stabs”.

It was also heard at the hearing that Campbell has not accepted responsibility for the crime, as she still maintains that she was framed by her boyfriend, Tyrone Nugent, who was also the common-law husband of the deceased, claiming that he inflicted the stab wounds.

Nugent was also on trial for the German woman’s murder. However, the murder charge against him was discharged after a successful application of no case to answer and a formal verdict of not guilty.

The judge said it was concerning to him that Campbell had seemingly not recognised the seriousness of her actions. 

Despite Campbell having no previous conviction and a good social enquiry report, the judge sentenced her to life imprisonment, which appeared to upset the convicted woman as she stood in the prisoner’s dock.

According to the ODPP’s statement in July, the Crown’s case was “based on circumstantial evidence, which included jealousy on the part of Campbell pertaining to the intimate live-in relationship between her boyfriend,” Nugent, and “the deceased, Ute Soetebier”.

Campbell, at the time of the incident, had been in an intimate relationship with Nugent since November 2011. 

Subsequently, Nugent started living with Soetebier at Park Mount, Portland as her common-law spouse. Nugent, nonetheless, continued the intimate relationship with Campbell. 

On occasions between 2011 and 2012, Campbell would spend the night at Soetebier’s home in Park Mount at the invitation of Nugent, when the German woman was away from the house.

On the night of January 14, 2014, Campbell, who was 31 years old at the time, proceeded to Soetebier’s home armed with a knife. 

“The (now) deceased, who had three dogs, told the accused (Campbell) to leave her home, as the last time she was there, there was trouble,” the ODPP said.

Campbell then inflicted multiple wounds to the neck and face of the German woman.

During the incident, Campbell sustained a dog bite to her right calf, which was later observed by the police and a doctor. 

After she finished inflicting stab wounds on Soetebier, Campbell took a taxi to St Margaret’s Bay, Portland, where she spent the night at the home of a male friend. 

While there, she attempted to wash out what appeared to be blood from her pink blouse. 

Later that night, Nugent, who was then 29 years old, found Soetebier covered in blood outside the house in Park Mount, and he immediately reported the matter to the police. 

Campbell was later apprehended by the police in St Margaret’s Bay, where she handed over the clothes she had been wearing at the time of the incident. 

The Institute of Forensic Science and Legal Medicine, after examining the items, found the deceased woman’s blood on the blouse belonging to the accused, the ODPP said.

The post-mortem report confirmed that Soetebier died from multiple stab wounds to the neck. 

Campbell admitted to the police that she had been on the scene and the (now) deceased had asked her to leave.

She also admitted ownership of the murder weapon, but “claimed at the trial in her unsworn statement that it was Nugent who had murdered Soetebier,” the ODPP stated.