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Nayana Williams (left), founder and CEO of Lifespan Limited, signs an agreement to be the hydration partner of the Jamaica Badminton Academy with Kenneth Anglin, director of the academy, while badminton coach and athlete Katherine Wynter looks on. (PHOTO: Contributed).

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The Jamaica Badminton Academy has announced a partnership with Lifespan Water, which will serve as the official sponsor for the upcoming Shuttle Showdown this September.

Kenneth Anglin, co-founder of the Jamaica Badminton Academy, hailed the collaboration as a significant milestone for badminton in Jamaica. “Having a brand like Lifespan Water support Jamaica Badminton Academy is a step towards growing the sport in Jamaica. As a big leader supporting their local community, Lifespan’s decision to stand behind our academy shows that they believe in the transformative power of badminton and the impact it can have on our communities,” said Anglin.

As the official sponsor, Lifespan Water will provide athletes with naturally alkaline water, ensuring optimal hydration during the competition. The partnership will see hydration stations set up for athletes, officials, and visitors at each event, with Lifespan replenishing these stations as needed.

Robert Scott, general manager of Lifespan, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “We here at Lifespan love all things sports, and together with the Badminton Academy, we will ensure to inspire athletes at all levels. Hydration is of paramount importance to sportsmen and women, and we are happy to fulfill this need,” Scott stated.

Coach Katherine Wynter highlighted the importance of hydration for performance.

“Lifespan Water will provide quality hydration to our athletes during the competition. Not only does it provide additional nutrients and minerals that will help prevent dehydration, but staying hydrated can reduce the risk of injuries for our players,” said Wynter. “It will also help to regulate their body temperature between plays and aid in their recovery after their matches are done.”

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