Lila Ike says she is safe, struggling with mental health | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

Two days after a series of tweets from reggae artiste Lila Ike caused concern among music fans, the MOBO award nominee has assured everyone she is safe and revealed that she has been “struggling” with her mental health for “some time”.

In a statement posted to her Instagram page Tuesday night, the ‘I Spy’ singer apologised for causing alarm about “any immediate threats to my wellbeing” and said: “I have been struggling with my mental health for some time, which manifested in my recent social posts.”

Among the tweets sent from the artiste’s Twitter account was one that read: “So what if am into women? My music isn’t real?”

That tweet was followed by a set of somewhat cryptic tweets that caused fans to respond with concern, including tweets such as: “Expose all you want” and “I’ve been raped”.

Since then, the reggae artiste, whose real name is Alecia Grey, has received strong support from some social media users.

After disclosing her struggles with mental health on Tuesday night, Lila Ike said: “I am working through this day by day and will address other matters in my own time.”

Pointing out that in every journey there is a moment of chaos before there is peace, the reggae artiste said she is on her “journey to heal”. She also thanked fans for their support.

Fellow artiste Protoje, who is also head of the label to which she is signed, commented on her Instagram post: “Forever proud of you Lila. Warrior of Light. It’s always love.”

Producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor also gave his support, saying: “We love you, Lila. And wi deh ya 4 you no matter what!!! Your talent is unmatched and you’re an amazing person in real life! Keep yo head up and complete the mission!”

Lila Ike is known for songs like “Where I’m Coming From”, “Solitude”, and “Second Chance”.

She released her debut EP, “The ExPerience”, in 2020, and has announced that she plans on finishing her debut studio album soon.

Lila Ike has also been working with R&B superstar and Grammy and Oscar award-winning H.E.R. on her upcoming reggae project, as they were spotted in the studio last year.