LIME/CANA NETBALL: Volcanoes, Upsetters, Pitons, Lead Respective Divisions



CaribPR Wire, BROOKLYN, NY. Monday, July 26, 2010 — It is becoming a little bit clearer which clubs are playing the better ball as the 13th season of the LIME endorsed Caribbean American Netball Association tournament heads into the home stretch.

Unfazed by the rain which forced the postponement of four matches on Sunday afternoon, Volcanoes4 (Juniors), Pitons3 (Intermediate), Upsetters2 (Seniors2) and Volcanoes2 (Seniors), scored impressive victories to move to the top of their division.

With four rounds to go, Volcanoes4 look set to take top honors among the juniors, cruising to their fourth straight win (4-0), by an easy 28-12 margin over SunSplash3.

In the senior division, Volcanoes2 is making a run for top honors, picking up two big wins on the weekend. They clobbered Pitons1, 40-24 on Saturday evening and returned on Sunday for another laugher, a 49-31 outcome. In the Saturday evening feature, the result was never in doubt with the veteran pair of Yvonne Vernon (WD) and Anciel Langaigne (GS), outplaying the opposing pair of Tisha Pike (GD) and Nikita McSween (GK).

In the A2 section where 11 teams are contending and where the competition is fever pitch, Upsetters2 has a slim one game lead over Pitons2.

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