Lionel Town hospital gets equipment to help COVID patients with oxygen | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

The Lionel Town Hospital (LTH) in Clarendon has received a high-flow nasal cannula machine valued at J$1.4 million, which will support COVID-19 patients who need oxygen.

The life-saving machine was donated by the non-profit organization Striving Together Empowering Mankind (STEM) Uprising Corporation on Thursday, November 11 on the hospital’s compound.

According to LTH Senior Medical Officer, Dr Andre McKenzie, the machine gives patients oxygen under a high flow rate and at a warm temperature, which is easier for the body to absorb.

“This high-flow machine is very important. At the peak of a surge, you don’t have space to transfer patients anywhere because everywhere is full. So now that we have this machine it will help to save many lives. You guys (STEM Uprising) are lifesavers and we are very grateful” Dr McKenzie said.

CEO of the hospital, Nadine Preddie thanked the organization for its donation which she noted will boost the hospital’s capacity to better manage COVID-19 patients.

“The staff is really delighted and the patients will certainly benefit from this as it will allow us to improve the quality of care that we are allowed to give to these patients. I guarantee that no effort will be spared in ensuring that the staff and especially the patients will receive the care that they need at this facility” Ms. Preddie said.

For Vice President of STEM Uprising Corporation Akeaba Williams, her organization is excited to be able to assist the hospital in getting the machine.

“I work in the field so I know the importance of this machine. I know patients get this machine and still don’t survive and then I know of millions who get it and survive. We are so excited to deliver this machine to assist patients who are in need to recover.

We also delivered another machine last month to the Percy Junor Hospital in Manchester. When the machine was delivered, there was a gentleman there that they weren’t sure he would make it and when they received it they quickly set it up and put him on it. We got confirmation that that person sat up in bed” Mrs. Williams said.

STEM Uprising Corporation was established in 2017 with the vision to support health care, education and elderly persons in Jamaica.