Local child-protection advocacy group partners with TikTok — Blaine | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Hear the Children’s Cry (HTCC), a local child-protection advocacy organisation, has partnered with video-focused social networking service TikTok to build what it describes as a “positive and supportive digital community in Jamaica”, reportedly the first such partnership in the Caribbean.

Founder of HTCC, Betty Ann Blaine, said the partnership followed “increasing national concern about inappropriate and exploitative content of children on digital platforms”.

After the surfacing locally in early February of a video that Blaine noted was in violation of TikTok’s Community Guidelines, the set of norms and common code of conduct that provide for a safe and welcoming space for everyone on the platform, she committed to “do something about it”.

Blaine explained in a media release on Sunday that, as part of the collaboration, TikTok will establish a direct email channel with HTCC to the platform’s Trust and Safety team to be able to immediately report content that violates TikTok’s Community Guidelines.

“We promised the Jamaican people that we would not only reach out to TikTok, but would work with them for the effective protection of our youths,” Blaine said.

“I am happy to share that we found the TikTok team more than willing to work with us. We were impressed with how swiftly they took action to investigate the inappropriate content we reported, and their unwavering commitment to building a positive community,” the child advocate added.

For his part, Tom Lehmann, TikTok’s Public Policy Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean, explained that “TikTok’s mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy, and as a part of that, we are committed to making TikTok a safe and inclusive space for everyone, especially young people, while protecting against industry-wide challenges around platform misuse”.

“We recognise how important it is to work together with organisations and other stakeholders to empower young people and keep them safe on and off the platform. With this partnership, HTCC will be able to quickly report content that violates our Community Guidelines. We look forward to working with HTCC in this and other capacities going forward,” Lehmann said.

Blaine disclosed that last week, TikTok provided the HTCC team with virtual training on how to interact most effectively with the Community Partner Channel. This included a briefing on TikTok’s policies and tools.

“We are looking forward, with TikTok, to addressing online safety issues, and fostering a safe and positive online environment for our community,” said Blaine.