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Patrons enjoyed the Maui Wowi-themed soiree at the Hennessy BRT weekend in Ocho Rios, St Ann. (Photos: Contributed)

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Hennessy brought the fire to Pearly Beach in the garden parish for the Hennessy BRT Maui Wowi Bonfire.

The Hawaiian Luau-themed affair was the perfect place for patrons to show up to match the ambience.

The energy was magical as the waves crashed in on the pale orange-lit sand caused by the fire that blazed in the background.

The bonfire heightened with an exhilarating fire show where fire breathers and dancers twirled and spun their fire sticks for the entertainment of patrons who were in awe and had to take out their cameras to document the memorable experience.

There were a few technological glitches here and there which were quickly resolved by the production team.

In the interim, the deejays did a great job of keeping the guests entertained by cracking a few jokes and even singing some songs acapella.

In no time the power was restored and the party was back in full swing.

Grants Pen sensation Jahshii was the artiste for the evening and he delivered a short performance for his fans singing some favourites such as Born Fighter and Prosperity.

Patrons partied into the wee hours of the morning to the jugglings of deejays Noah Powa, JR Chromatic, Cyclone, Young Chow, Franco, DJ Cruise and Illusion.

Maui Wowi ended with fireworks lighting up the sky. Surfs up at Pearly Beach, Ocho Rios and Loop Lens have the highlights.

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