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Kadeem Rodgers

5 hrs ago

L-R: Melonie Lewis, Gregory Spencer, Chantelle Collie, Seantae Palmer, Byron Purkiss, Yannick Reid, and Melissa Dacres-Jones checked in for their bit of ‘sweet treat’. (Photos: Llewelyn Wynter)

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The torrential downpour did not deter the huge turnout for the inaugural Campari Caribbean Xodus Sweet Treats Pop Up at Di Lot.

The Xodus crew clearly knows how to throw a party, and after the success of the Mini Road March-themed Xodus Remedy on March 4, it’s clear the team knows how to fill out a space, too.

Where does the next Xodus affair take place? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out.

Loop Lens introduces you to a few fresh faces!

Today, the crew goes up North for the Campari, Xodus and Yard Mas Carnival Pop Up for the Plantation Smokehouse-presented Pop Up at the eatery’s watering hole.

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