Luther Buchanan bows out as PNP chairman for Westmoreland Eastern Loop Jamaica

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Luther Buchanan

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The chairmanship for the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) Westmoreland Eastern constituency is now vacant following the resignation of Luther Buchanan, effective Wednesday, September 14.

In a letter to PNP President Mark Golding, Buchanan pointed out that he still remains a loyal Comrade.

“Having served as Councillor, Member of Parliament and as Deputy General Secretary, I remain a faithful Comrade nonetheless,” stated a part of a letter to the party president, bearing the signature of Buchanan.

In the September 2020 General Election, theJamaica Labour Party’s Daniel Lawrence defeated Buchanan in a major upset in a constituency that was once considered impregnable PNP territory.

Lawrence prevailed by 11 votes following a magisterial recount after the seat was initially declared for Buchanan.

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