Man on 5 bike theft charges ‘rides’ out of court on lack of evidence Loop Jamaica

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A St Andrew man who was charged with larceny and receiving stolen property relative to several motorcycles, was freed in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Tuesday after the prosecution’s case collapsed.

Parish Judge Sanchelle Burrell freed Paul Samuda of five counts of larceny of a motorcycle and three counts of receiving stolen property, also relative to motorbikes.

The matter first came before the court in July of 2022 and to date, no arresting officer’s statement has been produced.

In court on Tuesday, attorney representing the accuse man, Cecile Ashton, was told that the investigating officer was still not sure who was the arresting officer.

The complainant in the case has also reportedly never appeared in court in relation to the matter.

It was also said that there is video footage of the crime. However, the supposed video footage is said to have never been seen by either the prosecutor or the defence in the matter.

When the overall circumstances were presented to Judge Burrell, she took the decision to dispose of the case.

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