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A 50-year-old man who reportedly fled police custody to attend his mother’s funeral, was sentenced to three months in prison for escaping. Horace Clarke of McVickers Lane in Spanish Town, St Catherine, appeared in the parish court last week.

It was reported that on January 6, 2024, Clarke was apprehended by the police on a warrant for driving with an expired motor vehicle certificate of fitness, and was arrested.

While at the police station, he told officers that his mother had died and that he wanted to attend her funeral.

After later asking to use the bathroom, he was escorted there by officers, but he managed to escape from the station. 

In court on Tuesday, Clarke’s attorney made a submission for leniency on his behalf, and pleaded for a non-custodial sentence.

The attorney said this was appropriate, given that her client attended his mother’s funeral and then surrendered to the police.

Parish Judge Janelle Nelson-Gayle, however, went against the attorney’s submission, and handed down a three-month prison sentence.

Clarke did, in fact, benefit from a significant discount in his sentence, as the judge pointed out that the maximum sentence the offence is two years behind bars.

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