March 5 is Peace Day in schools Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Ministry of Education and Youth, in partnership with Peace and Love in Society (PALS) Jamaica, will celebrate Peace Day 2024 on Tuesday, March 5.

This year’s theme is ‘Let Peace Run Things!’                                                                                                         

Director of the Safety and Security Unit in the ministry, Richard Troupe, said the ministry has committed its support to the initiative, recognising the importance of inculcating a spirit of peace within children.

“Too often we see conflict situations that could have been resolved differently if our students take a different approach,” he stated.

Troupe said Peace Day aligns with the ministry’s ‘Jus Medz It’ campaign, which aims to end violence in schools.   

“If we can create a more peaceful school community, if we can create a state of peace among our students, it will impact directly (in reducing) the level of violent incidents in our schools,” he contended.

The ministry is encouraging all schools at the early childhood, primary and secondary levels to mark Peace Day, and called on deans of discipline, guidance counsellors, health and family life teachers and school nurses, to give targeted attention to peace-building activities on the day.                                                                                              

Administrators at public and private schools are encouraged to incorporate in the day’s activities the Peace Day message that has been distributed by the PALS secretariat.

General Manager of PALS Jamaica, Janilee Abrikian, in her message for Peace Day, said peace must extend beyond the home and schools and into communities and the country at large.

 “It means working together to build a society based on justice and equality, and supporting each other and lifting each other up,” she said.                                              

Abrikian is asking the public to show their support for peace by wearing blue on March 5.