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Maroons visit the British High Commission

Leader of the Accompong Maroons, Chief Richard Currie on Wednesday led a group of Maroons to British High Commission, Kingston to deliver a letter to officials at the facility.

The visit by the maroon chief took place a day after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife Kate, arrived in Jamaica for their official three-day visit on behalf of the Queen on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee.

Currie, who was elected head of the St Elizabeth-based Accompong Town Maroons in March last year, has been sparring with the government over the 1738 treaty the Maroons signed with the British government.

The Maroon chief in a video spoke about the trip.

“Tomorrow I take up the opportunity to lead a delegation to Jamaica House and Kings House to make our statement heard around the world that we the maroons unequivocally object to Maroon treaty being violated under republic Jamaica,” said Currie in a video that was posted on social media earlier.

On January 9, Prime Minister Andrew Holness dismissed the rhetoric of the Accompong Maroons that they are a sovereign people.

“Under my leadership, not one inch of Jamaica will come under any other sovereign authority”, Holness charged.

There has been something of a brewing rift between the Accompong Maroons and the Government since sometime after Currie’s election last year with things hitting fever pitch when Prime Minister Andrew Holness asserted earlier this month that there is no other sovereign authority in Jamaica than the Government of Jamaica that was duly elected by the people to govern the country.

“Jamaica is a unitary sovereign state. There is no other sovereign authority in Jamaica other than the Government of Jamaica. I want that to be absolutely clear! None!” thundered Holnesss in response to a question about whether there is conflict in a stated position of the Government not to engage with or fund any initiative of any group that is claiming self-government status.

A recent report indicated that Jamaican Government ministries, departments, and agencies were urged not to engage with or fund secessionist maroons who are asserting sovereignty from the Jamaican state. The report cited a leaked Cabinet Office document.

Currie responded by categorically rejecting claims by Holness that Jamaica is a unitary state, arguing in the process, that Jamaica “begged” for independence from Britain, while the “Maroons waged war to maintain theirs”.

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