Masicka and Shaggy Working On New Music Together

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Does Masicka have a new collab coming with Shaggy?

The Generation of Kings creator teased a new clip on his Instagram story showcasing his studio session with the “Boombastic” hitmaker, and fans are alight with excitement. In the short clip shared by Masicka, Shaggy is seen behind the mic recording and appears fully immersed in the vibe of the song as he sways to the rhythm.

Masicka, who stands alongside the Grammy-winning star, is also visibly enraptured by the energy in the room as he smiles and nods along to Shaggy’s lyrics. Though the clip is muted, it is evident that a banger is underway as anticipation builds for this particular collaboration.

Following the release of his critically acclaimed new album, Generation of Kings, Masicka has promised music videos for some of the album songs. So far, the dancehall artist has premiered visuals for “Limelight” and his previously released single “Tyrant.” Fans are still awaiting official music videos for some of the popular collaborations on the album, including the Lil Iké and Chronic Law-assisted “Triumph” and the Popcaan feature titled “Stars R Us.”

Masicka revealing his studio session with dancehall great Shaggy has amplified fans’ appetite for upcoming visuals and new additions from the dancehall artist. Meanwhile, fans are also curious to learn if Shaggy will be featured on the deluxe album for G.O.K. In a previous interview with Billboard, along with confirming upcoming music videos for the album, Masicka announced that he already started working on the extended version.

“Mi a shoot alla di music videos! Nuff video, nuff promo, mi already started working on a deluxe. Mi have some songs recorded. Mi think I have some sick collabs on it, it’ll be just as crazy as the album,” Masicka teased.

Shaggy is a foreseeable candidate for the deluxe album, as he and Masicka have been working in parallel for the last few years but have never released a joint record. In 2021, Masicka appeared on Spice’s debut album 10, and the famed dancehall artist and reality TV star returned the favor on G.O.K. Shaggy executive produced Spice’s freshman effort at the time and as such, would have been very involved in the process.

Now that Masicka has finally gotten his chance to cook up with Shaggy in the studio, fans are anticipating a banger, and it’s a sure sign that Generation of Kings Deluxe will “be just as crazy as the album” just like the dancehall star promised. Keep it locked here on Urban Islandz for more on this development.