Mayor asks whether cops fear naming gang behind Sp Town violence | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Spanish Town Mayor, Norman Scott, is questioning whether the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is “afraid” to name the gang that is responsible for the present spate of deadly violence in the old capital, which escalated last Sunday with a quadruple killing in Tawes Pen/Railway Lane.

Two days after the killing, Police Commissioner, Major General Antony Anderson, described the incident “as a continuation of a gang conflict”, and listed two persons who were previously charged with murder as persons of interest.

The commissioner did not identify the gang that has been responsible for the conflict.

But, while speaking at the monthly meeting of the St Catherine Municipal Corporation on Thursday, Scott called on the police to go a step further in naming the gang behind the bloodshed in Spanish Town.

He is also demanding that the police inform the public of the motive behind the violent confrontations.

“The police have a way to put violence in a perspective in this town. I notice I have not heard it this time. I don’t hear which gang is causing this violence now. They’re silent, but I want to know which gang is causing this violence, or is it that they are afraid to call the name?” he quizzed.

Scott, who is the People’s National Party (PNP) Councillor for the Greendale Division, also claimed that persons living in the Spanish Town area are living in fear, and called on the police to do more to protect the citizens.

“The citizens are filled with fear and anxiety, and (they) are asking for more protection.

“Right councillor from the Homestead Division? Am I not correct that your community people are asking for more protection?” Scott asked Mark McLean, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillor for the Homestead Division.

On Tuesday, the police commissioner said of the two persons of interest relative to the conflict, one had absconded bail and the other was reporting on bail.

Ahead of Tuesday’s press conference, the police identified Neville Butler, 27, of Old Harbour Road, St Catherine; and Damion Davis, otherwise called ‘Wassy’ and ‘Spinball’, of St John’s Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine, as “persons of interest” in the St Catherine North Police Division, and gave them until 5pm on Tuesday, June 7, to visit the police.

It is not clear whether the individuals have since gone in to the authorities.

The four men who were killed in the shooting incident last Sunday were all from Spanish Town addresses, and have been identified as 21-year-old Nicardo Moore, otherwise called ‘Blacks’, and 21-year-old Kirk Barrett, otherwise called ‘Mikey’, both of Railway Lane; 28-year-old Horace Lettman of Oxford Road; and 34-year-old Desmond Bloomfield of Ellerslie Pen.

A fifth person was also injured during the incident.

Residents of the Tawes Pen/Railway Lane area have been pleading with the security forces to establish a presence in the area to prevent more deadly criminal activities there.