MC Systems to engage inaugural Microsoft Leap as a Service Programme Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Fifteen talented and emerging local minds in tech will have the opportunity to be the first cohort from the Americas in the Microsoft Leap as a Service programme.

The opportunity has emerged through collaboration with technology MC Systems Ltd, with support from the JN Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the JN Group.

The partnership will offer an immersive 16-week experience to tertiary students, persons already pursuing a career in technology, and persons with some degree of training who would like to transition to a career in tech, specifically, software engineering.

“We are proud to lead this inaugural cohort for the Americas that will hone talent to develop social tech that will advance youth of Jamaica and the region,” announced Dwayne Russell, General Manager at MC Systems.

Microsoft Leap as a Service, an initiative of tech giant, Microsoft, is targeted at unearthing career opportunities in technology for talented persons with a passion for that discipline. Participants are immersed in a transformative experience, preparing them for various technology roles worldwide. It addresses future talent needs through targeted skilling and on-the-job training.

True to its mandate to enrich lives and build communities, MC Systems is focusing the initiative on the development of social tech.

“This initiative is an intentional effort to source talent for Jamaica from Jamaica, by providing a pathway for individuals to pursue successful careers in technology, but with an important differentiator – we will develop technological solutions that advance the cause of Jamaica’s youth,” Russell continued.

“In partnership with MC Systems, we aim to bridge the talent gap in Jamaica by providing world-class training and mentorship to local talent,” affirmed Yolanda Natal Santos, Senior Business Programme Manager for Microsoft Leap.

Russell noted that while Microsoft will develop the core competencies of the successful candidates, the JN Foundation will garner insights from the JN Circle network to inform how their work may be used to solve social ills.

A 50-year pioneer in technology in Jamaica and the region, MC Systems is an award-winning leader in fintech solutions with several first-to-market innovations that include the first internet-based monetary transfer financial system for use in Jamaica, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Grand Cayman.

It also introduced electronic phone top-up to the Jamaican market. It was the first company to enable cash deposits, cash recycling and card-less cash deposits via ATMs, among other leading-edge results.

“For 50 years, MC Systems has been pioneers and thought leaders in Jamaica and the Caribbean”, underscored Russell. “We believe technology will play a very important role in solving many of our current problems and position us on a path to sustained growth.”

A Microsoft partner since 1994, Russell noted that MC Systems’ collaboration with Microsoft Leap is a natural alliance that will result in major impact.

“Our partnership with Microsoft Leap gives us an opportunity to positively affect the development of some of Jamaica’s brightest minds in tech and to provide answers to some of our pressing social challenges,” he said.

He explained that the programme will engage persons who have a base foundation of technical training and combines in-class learning with hands-on engineering projects, with four of the 16 weeks dedicated to classroom training and the remaining 12 to work experience where they will engage with providing a solution to a social tech issue to be explored through the JN Foundation.

“Successful candidates will be part of a paid programme gaining valuable experience and the opportunity to build on the knowledge that exists in the industry,” Russell noted. “While employment is not guaranteed, after its conclusion, the participants will have innovations to their credit based on the solutions they will bring to life during their time in the programme.”