Measures coming to crack down on ‘unruly parents’ in schools – PM

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Following a viral video in which a female parent was seen tussling with a policewoman, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared that the entire society must “speak with one voice” against bad behaviour and indiscipline.

“No parent, no visitor should come on a school compound and behave in a reprehensible way that sends a signal to the entire society that the authority of the school, the authority of the teacher, the authority of the principal, and, indeed, the authority of law enforcement, should be disrespected,” Holness said sternly.

He was speaking at Exchange Primary School in St Ann during a visit to the institution on Friday.

The police reported that on Monday, a team from the Spanish Town Police Station responded to a request from a primary school administrator for assistance to remove a disruptive parent from the school compound.

However, the parent and the female officer ended up being engaged in a tussle, during which the parent resisted the efforts of the officer and a male cop to get her into a police service vehicle.

The parent was subsequently charged with resisting arrest, assaulting the police officers, among other offences. She is currently on bail.

Holness said it was distressing for him to read the comments on the viral video of the incident, with persons defending the woman’s behaviour.

“Regardless of what the issues are, this society, this country, our people, must speak with one voice against bad behaviour and indiscipline, especially when it is in our schools, and it is very distressing to see it being circulated, and to read the comments in support of bad behaviour,” he indicated.

Added Holness: “Your prime minister and this Government does not support or tolerate bad behaviour in our schools at all.”

Meanwhile, the prime minister said a report on school security is currently being completed by the Police High Command.

“As I’ve said, we have started to review security of our schools and I expect to get a report from the (police) commissioner very soon, and we will put in place the necessary measures to ensure that no adult comes on to the school compound and behaves in the way that I’ve seen circulated and believe they are going to get away with it,” Holness asserted.

He is of the view that behaviours like those displayed by the parent in the viral video, if tolerated, will send the wrong message to primary school students that such behaviours are acceptable.