Mighty Gabby’s heart breaks for daughter after grandson dies in NY Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Cultural Ambassador Chief Omowale Anthony ‘Mighty Gabby’ Carter is heartbroken at the untimely death of his 20-year-old grandson Daryus Clarke, but he feels even worse for Daryus’ mum who has lost two loved ones in the space of a few years.

Clarke died in a fatal shooting during an armed robbery while on the job at a Plug Smoke Shop in Jamaica Avenue, Queens NY, near his South Jamaica home.

The calypsonian got the news while penning a new song. He said that when he got the news he was in total disbelief. But more than feeling tortured for himself emotionally, he is struggling to grapple with the fact that Clarke’s mother – Keisha, is not only dealing with her son’s death but this comes just four years after her innocent mother lost her life in 2019 due to gun violence as well. Keisha’s mother was on a visit to Barbados for vacation at the time when she was killed.

In less than 30 minutes, the heartbroken grandfather poured his feelings out as he knows how to best.

Here are the words he wrote and shared on his Facebook:


I was in the process of writing

Yet another song

The phone then started ringing

Somehow, both loud and strong

The song that I was writing

(Get your thoughts together)

Is Simply Entitled:


I answered reluctantly

(Not wanting to break the flow)

“Ju I will call you back

In five minutes or so”

“No No Dad

This is so sad

Waiting can not be done

We have just lost Daryus

To a senseless gun.”

I don’t know what I then said

(probably nothing worth mentioning)

If I answered in silence

Then that silence was deafening

I know my grandson is not one

To deal with violence

So weird pictures began to appear

(None that made any sense)

The thought of going back to that song

Was knocked out of my mind

Knots and blocks

Pain and shocks

Sweat covered each palm


There I was

Trying to be calm

When I finished speaking with Ju

I tried to comprehend

How did it happen

Why did it happen

Since Ju had told me when

I then called Kiesha

The mother of my grandson

To discuss this murder

My eyes saw that gun

Ki’s mother, Ann

Came to this land

To spend a vacation

A few years ago

And look just so

A gun ended her life in this sun

Imagine losing your mother

So mindless

(That’s no fun)

And practically two mornings later

You also lose your son?

Both were innocent victims

Unarmed, causing no strife

Is it out of fashion these days

To put a value on life?

God is in the midst of us

This thing is hurting me

I thank each one

For your messages and calls

Condolences and sympathy

Yet it is for Kiesha

That I am hurting the most

May her son

(My grandson Daryus)

Sit with the Heavenly Hosts

Written by

Chief Omowale Anthony Carter,

Mighty Gabby

March 20th, 2023. From 8:51 am to 9:16 am.