‘Mixed results’ for prosecution’s case against ‘Clans’ accused | Loop Jamaica

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Some of the 28 alleged members of the One Don faction of the Clansman gang were on Monday morning freed of several counts against them under an indictment which saw them being charged with various offences, including murder and illegal possession of firearm.

However, the alleged gangsters broadly have a case to answer in relation to the charge of being members of a criminal organisation.

The reputed leader of the criminal organisation, Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan, will also have to answer to the charges relative to a double murder and arson attack in ‘Fisheries’ or ‘New Nursery’ in Spanish Town, St Catherine in 2017.

Jermaine Robinson and his girlfriend, Cedella Walder, were killed during that incident.

The decisions were handed down by Chief Justice Bryan Sykes in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston earlier on Monday.

Sykes’ rulings came after no-case submissions were made by the defence attorneys, and subsequent responses from the four-member prosecution team, which argued that it had presented sufficient evidence for the accused persons to be required to answer to the criminal charges that were laid against them.

In relation to count 25 of the indictment, which involved conspiracy to murder a man called ‘Ice’, Bryan was freed on that count because of insufficient evidence to support that the alleged target was alive.

The other accused who was freed on that count were St Thomas pastor and an alleged main operative of the gang, Stephanie ‘Mumma’ Christie, Jahze Blake, Lamar Simpson and Andre Golding.

Meanwhile, Bryan and another accused, Ted Prince, were freed on a count of murder that was listed on the indictment as count 20. That incident was the murder of a man at Phil’s Hardware in Spanish Town.

According to Sykes, there was no evidence that the man was murdered. The judge said there was no post-mortem nor scene of crime evidence to support that the man was killed.

Sykes said, however, that Bryan has a case to answer in relation to the murder of a person called ‘Doolie’ on Red Hills Road in St Andrew.

Another alleged accused, Joseph McDermont, was freed on count 21, which saw him charged with illegal possession of ammunition.

Another main accused, Ruel Taylor, allegedly a relative of Bryan, was freed of the charge of illegal possession of firearm. That offence was listed under count 22 of the indictment.

In relation to the murder of a man known as ‘Tesha Bus Driver’ in the Spanish Town Bus Park on February 6, 2018, accused Ricardo Thomas, Michael Whitely and Brian Morris, were freed on that count.

However, accused Marco Miller, Chevroy Evans and Andre Godling have a case to answer, according to Sykes.

With respect to the murder of a man known as ‘Wee Wee’, all 28 accused were freed of that charge, as no evidence was marshalled by the prosecution on that count.

One of the alleged top operatives of the gang, Jason Brown, otherwise called ‘City Puss’, has a case to answer on being part of a criminal organisation.

Sykes is continuing his rulings on the no-case submissions.