Mom appeals for help to save brave 7-y-o battling cancer Loop Jamaica

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Seven-year-old Nyla Simpson’s mother, Shaneel Simpson, is urgently calling for support from the public to help save her daughter’s life.

Nyla, whose condition has reportedly become critical, is battling stage 4 Wilms Tumour, and her mom is desperately trying to access advanced treatment options abroad.

Nyla and her mom Shaneel Simpson

Nyla was diagnosed with stage 4 Wilms Tumor in 2019 after her mother discovered a hard mass on her left side. Since then, she has been in and out of the hospital, undergoing numerous rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

Despite initial progress, the cancer cells have become more resistant to treatment.

On Wednesday, Shaneel’s hope was crushed when she received a disheartening recommendation from doctors for palliative care.

However, she knows Nyla is a fighter so she’s not giving up on her little warrior.

According to a release, Shaneel is in the process of seeking a second opinion and advanced treatment options outside of Jamaica.

An update posted Thursday to the GoFundMe page looking to raise money for Nyla said:

It’s been a very trying few years as we know, Nyla has been fighting for almost 4 years to get rid of this disease. Unfortunately, cancer located in the lungs has progressed significantly over her breaks and has now taken over her right lung, causing intense pains that cannot be relieved without a lot of pain medication. Our girl is fighting for her life and doctors are at the point of recommending palliative care due to her advanced state. But we will not give up! Nyla is a warrior and we know we can beat this.

It went on to state what the family needs, detailing a medical visa, air ambulance, and treatment for paediatric lung cancer.

The mother is, therefore, pleading for urgent help in two forms:

1. Donations

Please donate and share Nyla’s GoFundMe link to support her fight against this devastating disease. Their goal is to acquire at least US$100,000. The GoFundMe account has so far raised just under $25,000.

How you can donate:

– GoFundMe

– Scotia Bank Local (Jamaica)

Shaneel R Simpson

Acc# 000044032

Bank code: 21725

Branch: Scotia Financial Center Constant Spring

Savings JMD

– Zelle: [email protected]

2. Advocacy: Shaneel is calling on the public to raise awareness about Nyla’s case. She believes people’s advocacy could make a difference in saving Nyla’s life.

“In these trying times, Nyla needs the support and generosity of the community more than ever. Together, we can help Nyla receive the advanced care she needs and fight this terrible disease. Please donate, advocate, and share Nyla’s story far and wide. Let us stand in solidarity with Nyla and her family and show them that they are not alone in this battle,” the release said.