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One perishes, the other in custody

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Police investigators in St Ann are to question a man who allegedly killed his brother during a dispute over money in Cave Valley, St Ann on Friday.

The deceased is 48-year-old Lenbert Allen, a farmer of Cascade in the parish.

Reports from the police are that around 1:40 pm on Friday, Allen and his brother had an argument over money, which became physical.

During the dispute, Allen’s brother reportedly used a piece of steel pipe to hit him on the head.

Residents alerted the police and Allen was taken to hospital, where his death was confirmed.

His brother was subsequently taken into custody.

A video has gone viral on social media purportedly showing Allen’s brother wailing over the outcome of the dispute, while Allen could also be seen lying lifeless on the ground inside a house.

“A desso the piece a iron deh…, and mi never… expect mi would a tek it lick him. A just defence bredda. Oh God Almighty… A prison mi ago guh,” the suspect told persons who gathered outside the house.

“Mi wish mi never lick yuh… God Almighty, cuh mi bredda,” the man cried.

The grille appeared to be shut to the premises as Allen’s brother continued to wail uncontrollably as the video ends.

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