MoneyMasters launches real estate fund Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Investment firm MoneyMasters Limited has launched a new real estate fund which it says is aimed at helping investors to hedge against the current high inflationary climate.

Dubbed the M7 Real Estate Fund, the fund targets both individual and institutional investors, Moneymasters President, Claudette Crooks said.

“What we do is to look at what is happening in the environment and what offers opportunities for investors. Currently, we are operating in a high-inflation environment and real estate and real estate-linked assets are a good hedge against inflation,” Crooks said.

Speaking of the expectations for performance, Crooks said the company anticipates that the fund will consistently beat inflation and is “looking at least 200 basis points at minimum return above inflation.”

The minimum investment of $50,000 makes the fund attractive to a wide cross-section of investors, Crooks said of the target market for the new offering.

The fund was launched as part of the company’s 15th Anniversary celebrations.

Moneymasters Equity and Business Analyst, Devrhoid Davis, speaking at the launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel said investors stand to earn returns over the long term due to the price appreciation of real estate or real estate-linked assets.

The fund will feature real estate and real estate-linked assets for income and capital gain as well as Real Estate Structure Notes, shares of real estate companies, real estate investment trusts and senior secured debt which will lessen concentration risk and surpass the inflation rate.