More details on $22m robbery in East Kingston, cops said guards ran | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Management of the security company has come out to provide further information about the incident in which guards were held up and robbed of approximately $22 million by gunmen in East Kingston.

Police report that a group of guards was traveling through Rollington Town when the vehicle reportedly developed mechanical problems and while it was being repaired four armed robbers drove up held up the group members and stole the cash.

Sources claimed the guards were traveling in a Probox motor vehicle. Management of the company has however declined to comment on the make of the vehicle.

“We are aware of a robbery involving a Beryllium vehicle in Rollington Town on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. We can confirm that approximately $22 million was stolen from the vehicle, which was undergoing unavoidable emergency repairs at the time,” the release stated.

“Present were a mechanic and three Beryllium personnel; two were armed. To our knowledge, four armed robbers were involved in the incident, a representative from the company said in a release.

Officials from the company said all Beryllium vehicles used to transport cash and the accompanying guards meet global security standards.

“Beryllium Limited provides support for high-value and high-risk processes such as the transportation of cash. While robberies do not commonly occur, they do form a part of the exposure of cash management and our company is well-prepared for such eventualities,” the company said.

“We remain committed to tackling cash in transit security risks on behalf of our clients, as we continue to operate in an environment where criminal activity is high,” the release stated.

Company management said the four-armed perpetrators were not engaged by the guards in an effort to prevent gunfire and unnecessary injury or loss of life.

Police release from the Constabulary Communication Unit (CCU) gave another version.

“Reports are that about 12:10 pm, employees were escorting money when their vehicle developed mechanical problems along Jackson Road in the parish. While fixing the vehicle, it is alleged that a motor car stopped beside them and two armed men alighted from the vehicle, the CCU release stated.

The employees ran in different directions leaving the armored truck behind. The assailants managed to flee the scene with approximately JMD 22 million. Investigations are ongoing,” the police release said.