Mother, daughter make ?8k a month on OnlyFans Loop Jamaica

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Meet the mom and daughter duo who pose together and make ?8k a month, filming their food fights in the nude.

Jessie Jo, 55, suggested to her daughter, Phoenix Rae Blue, 24, that they create a joint OnlyFans account after she was struggling for work in May 2020.

The pair filmed themselves, both dressed as dominatrixes– wearing PVC leather and wielding whips — and were shocked when the video took off.

The mother and daughter continued to film content and now bring in up to ?8,000 a month between them.

They aren’t afraid to pose nude together or in lingerie and share racy snaps and raunchy videos where they have food fights or wrestle in a bubble bath.

Their fans will even pay ?50 just for a five-minute chat with them both.

Jessie, a glamour model from Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England, said: “My glamour shoots got cancelled because of the pandemic, so I decided we needed to do something different.

“We weren’t expecting it to go so crazy,” she said. “It just blew up, and now it’s what pays our bills.

“We don’t touch each other but are happy to pose naked or in lingerie,” the mothher added. “We just have fun.

“I used to walk around the house naked all the time anyway, so we’re used to it.

“People have called us incestuous before, but they don’t really understand what we do and, over time, the negative comments have become less,” Jessie said.

Phoenix said: “I thought it was a great idea when my mom suggested a joint OnlyFans.

“I saw that no one else was doing it.

“A lot of my friends are envious of the bond I have with my mom,” she added. “We’re very comfortable around each other, and it’s so fun doing what we do.”

Jessie was a struggling single mom working two jobs running a beauty shop and as a bartender 14 hours a day before she was approached by Babestation and launched her glamour model career.

The mom of two set up an OnlyFans in 2017 and encouraged daughter Phoenix to set one up when she struggled to get a job after finishing college where she studied graphic design to become a computer-aided design engineer.

“I told her she didn’t have to get anything out, she could just take selfies,” Jessie said.

“I felt really confident doing OnlyFans,” Phoenix added.

“I wasn’t getting anywhere with job applications and interviews, so I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing when I could make money,” she added.

When lockdown hit in March 2020, Jessie’s glamour work dried up as she couldn’t get to shoots.

She suggested the idea of a joint OnlyFans to Phoenix in the hope of bringing in some extra income.

“I thought if we did something different it might boost our OnlyFans a bit,” Jessie said.

“But it blew up overnight.”

Now the pair create regular content for their followers and are not afraid to get their kit off in front of each other.

The pair’s success has meant they have the time and money to invest in new projects.

Jessie also works as a medium, and Phoenix has set up a clothing brand.

“I can grow old relaxed,” Jessie said.

“It’s all meant I’ve had the money to treat myself to an ?8,000 tummy tuck.

“But I’ve always embraced my curved, and women have told me seeing me makes them feel sexy again,” the mother said.