Mother slammed on social media for tattooing toddler’s entire body | Loop Jamaica

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Shameka Morris’ posts got the attention of social media pundits recently when she uploaded photos of her toddler full of tattoos.

Although the tattoos are fake, Morris was referred to as a ‘bad mom’ and was told that she was making her baby out to look like a “gangster” or a “thug”.

Morris, a fashion designer in West Palm Beach, Florida pushed back on the comments on social media, saying that she “doesn’t care” how anyone views her parenting skills and the more the world gets upset with what she is doing with the temporary tattoos, the more she will continue to apply them to her one-year-old son.

Shameka Morris has been criticised on social media for putting fake tattoos on her toddler son.

In support of the mother, a member of the public uploaded a photo of another toddler with tattoos and asked why it was that Morris’ photo went viral while the other did not. In addition, the other toddler’s photo did not result in his parents being heavily criticised on social media.

The backstory behind the tattoos reportedly is that Morris never had an opportunity to celebrate her son’s birth due to him spending time in the neonatal unit after being born prematurely.

The fake tattoos, which she changes from time to time on her son, therefore, illustrate milestones in his recovery. She also created an Instagram page for him, which has nearly 50,000 followers.