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Motorcycle smashes through shop after driver ‘faints due to heat’

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A motorcycle smashed into a shop after its driver allegedly fainted due to the heat in Thailand.

Footage shows how the bike suddenly lurched forward, hitting a steel pole before barrelling into the rice shop in Uthai Thani province on May 29.

The driver, 54, had reportedly just finished running errands and was kick-starting the vehicle’s engine but accidentally twisted the accelerator handle as she was doing so.

She then crashed into the shop and hit the storekeeper, who was busy plucking white hairs from her head.

Neither of the women was seriously injured.

A worker from a neighbouring store ran to their aid.

The motorist later claimed that she had blacked out after staying for so long under the scorching sun, with temperatures soaring to above 32 degrees Celsius on the day of the crash.

She has compensated the store owner for the damage and won’t be facing any legal charges.


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