Nadian Whyte gets tech start with Dr Rickert Allen Scholarship | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

Nadian Whyte is a girl in love with tech. And the 23-year-old Westmoreland native is well on her way to becoming a Network and Computer System Administrator after receiving the Dr Rickert Allen Scholarship from the NCB Foundation.

The scholarship means she can pursue her Bachelor of Science degree in Networking with Cybersecurity from the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC).

Whyte is beaming with joy at the news even as she mourns her father who passed in August.

“To know that I’m the first to receive this scholarship, I’m just giving God thanks. I’m glad for the chance,” said the young woman from the district of Bronte in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

Being born in the age where technology is at her fingertips, Whyte said she always found internet technology fascinating ever since the start of high school.

“My favourite cousin is currently a software engineer and I guess he rubbed off on me somehow. At the time, he was teaching me how to type better, do programming and even with building my own website. We didn’t get too far in it though but I haven’t lost interest since then,” Whyte explained. “I wanted to do web developing or designing in high school. So, when I was looking for which course to choose at UCC, I asked him about it and he said Networking with Cybersecurity was the best choice. I did some research and end up choosing it in the end.”

“The fact that the world is becoming more digitised, more than ever systems will need to be secured. The programme that I’m doing will equip me with the knowledge and technical skills to securely develop or maintain computer systems,” she said. “With my enthusiasm for technology and eagerness to learn, I’m sure I’ll get there.”

Whyte also has a small internet business (@nadz_artdezigns) where she sells artfully customised budget binders.

“My binders are for anyone who is having a hard time with saving. The colourful designs and personalised sections will encourage them to get started,” Whyte explained. “I started in July (2021). It’s going on alright. I am currently focusing on getting settled in the academic year, so I can give it back some more attention.”

She does not have to worry about financing the completion of her degree, as the Dr Rickert Allen Scholarship covers tuition costs.

Dr Allen served the NCB Financial Group as the Senior General Manager in charge of Group Human Resources and Facilities Division. Seen as a transformational and visionary leader, he led NCB to and through the enrichment of human resources procedures within its corporate restructuring. His eye for governance also helped UCC move towards national and international institutional accreditation in his role as Chairman of the Board of the UCC.