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National Commercial Bank (NCB) has is warning its customers of a type of fraud in the financial institution’s Fighting Fraud Fridays notice.

The bank notified its customers via email on Friday of the latest method delinquents are using to defraud persons.

According to the bank, as digital transactions are becoming more commonplace, scammers have found new ways to trick unsuspecting persons.

“One of their latest methods is called ‘pretexting’,” the notice said.

The bank said, in this latest scam, fraudsters pretend to be someone you trust, create fake situations, and trick you into giving your sensitive information or money.

“You see a post from a friend about their fantastic summer holiday. The next day, you get a message from them asking for help because they lost their wallet. They even give specific details about their trip. But it’s not your friend who messaged you; it’s a scammer who fooled you into sending money,” NCB said.

In the email, the bank also provided some tips as to what to do when you are confronted with the situation.

Keep cool: Scammers use strong emotions to make you act quickly. Stay calm and think before you act.Look for clues: Pay attention to the details. Does something seem out of the ordinary? Trust your instincts. Verify identity: If something seems off, confirm the person’s identity through another way, like a different messaging app or a phone call.

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