New Guardsman unit offers high-level cybersecurity protection Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Kingston-based Guardsman Group has launched its cyber-intelligence arm, Guardsman Cyber Intelligence (GCI), and the first Security Operations Centre (SOC)-as-a-Service in the Caribbean.

According to Group Managing Director Vinay Walia, GCI was developed to provide a layer of protection for businesses against the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks.

“Our team will work closely with businesses to develop customized security strategies including threat intelligence, risk assessments, access controls and encryption; identifying potential vulnerabilities for data breaches, phishing scams, or malware attacks before they happen,” he said.

Guardsman Group Managing Director Vinayl Walia expressed that Guardsman pioneered GCI in response to an observed increase in the sophistication of cyber-attacks on businesses.

GCI offers a customized suite of solutions, including penetration testing and red teaming, customer and brand protection, managed threat detection and response, and managed SIEM services.

Meanwhile, the SOC will provide businesses with real-time monitoring and response capabilities to quickly identify and neutralize threats.

The launch event took place at the new headquarters of Beryllium Limited in downtown Kingston on Wednesday

Cybersecurity Consultant and attorney-at-law, Dr Corlane Barclay, who was the keynote speaker, shared the far-reaching and costly impact of cybercrime and security breaches.

According to Barclay, Jamaica currently ranks 106 in the world, according to ITU’s latest Global Cybersecurity Index.

She further noted that Jamaica’s cyber threat landscape is largely a microcosm of global trends in ransomware, social engineering threats, threats against data, and malware. Insider threats and lottery scamming also continue to have a significant financial impact on victims”.

Guardsman Group Chairman, Kenneth Benjamin, welcomed industry stakeholders and business leaders to the event and said that the launch of Guardsman Cyber Intelligence marks an exciting new chapter in the history of the Guardsman Group, positioning GCI to provide businesses across the region with the highest level of cybersecurity protection available.

“Since our inception, Guardsman has always been a company that embraces innovative thinking. Our approach has always been to attentively listen to our customer’s needs and develop solutions that exceed their expectations. Our customers have been exceptional in inspiring us to look toward the future, explore new horizons, and evolve our offerings.”