New Port Maria Mayor Fitzroy Wilson commits to teamwork Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

People’s National Party (PNP) Councillor for the Boscobel Division in St Mary, Fitzroy Wilson, has been sworn in as the new Port Maria Mayor.

Wilson, who trounced the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Leroy Sewell to win the Boscobel Division in last month’s Local Government Election, was also installed as Chairman of the St Mary Municipal Corporation (SMMC) during a ceremony at the corporation’s office in Port Maria, St Mary on Thursday.

Paul Fyffe, the PNP Councillor for the Highgate Division, is the new Deputy Mayor of Port Maria and Vice Chairman of the SMMC.

The PNP bagged seven parochial divisions to the JLP’s six in the local polls for the parish.

Wilson, speaking in his first official address as mayor and SMMC chairman, said he is not one to “gloat” or “one to be boastful”, as he will not be able to accomplish much without the assistance of the other 12 councillors in the corporation and the administrative staff.

“As we are here, the people of our respective divisions sent us to represent them, because each and every one of them could not hold in here to discuss the local business for the parish, and we have an enormous task (ahead of us),” said Wilson.

The mayor encouraged his colleagues to represent each division “without partisan biases”, and doing so in the interest of the people as well as the parish.

In noting the work of the past JLP-led municipal corporation in the parish, Wilson said “a lot” of good things have been done through their efforts.

“There are a lot of good things that are in train…, and I will work with the former administration to really see through the good projects that are in place,” he assured.

The newly minted mayor said he anticipates a “colourful term” ahead, and called on the various state agencies to continue collaborating with the corporation in addressing the needs of the people of St Mary.

“Let us join hands and hearts; let us build St Mary. Let us build the parish where we call home… Let us bring back St Mary to that peaceful place where the police could boast the lowest crime rate, the lowest murder rate,” Wilson stated.

In a show of unity, Wilson signalled out his mayoral predecessor, Richard Creary, and said he would be “depending” on Creary for his experience and knowledge of local government issues.

“Sometimes we might not see eye to eye on a lot of things. I know Councillor Creary is very knowledgeable where the Local Government Act is concerned, and I will be depending on each and every one,” stated Wilson.

All 13 councillors of the SMMC were sworn in before Wilson’s appointment as mayor during Thursday’s ceremony.