NHF GOJ Bonds brokered through SSL said to be safe Loop Jamaica

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The National Health Fund (NHF) is advising that its Government of Jamaica bond brokered through the now-controversial Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) is safe.

The NHF moved Tuesday afternoon to make the clarification as the scandal rocking the entity continues to unfold.

“The JAMCLEAR-CSD, BOJ has issued a Securities Portfolio Statement to NHF this afternoon confirming proof of NHF’s ownership of GOJ bonds valuing $740, 563,020 as at January 24, 2023.

“The NHF, therefore, considers its investment in the GOJ bonds to be safe and in good standing,” the NHF said in a statement.

The NHF said SSL was one of the brokers when NHF participated in the National Debt Exchange (NDX) in 2013 where Government of Jamaica (GOJ) bonds were purchased.

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