Nicki Minaj Invites Katt Williams To Join Her On Pink Friday 2 Gag City Tour

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Nicki Minaj wants controversial comedian Katt Williams to join her upcoming Pink Friday 2 Gag City tour. The rapper asked her fans to reach out to Katt on Monday night, even though she admitted that he was already rich and super busy.

Katt Williams is currently a hot topic on his sold-out “The Dark Matter Tour” 2024. The comedian began the year with an explosive interview on the Club Shay Shay podcast with NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe. He made many bombshell claims about his fellow comedians and others in the entertainment industry.

Among his claims were that some celebrities like Ludacris were not honest about their wealth, which was begotten from joining the Illuminati, that Steve Harvey stole his Steve Harvey show idea from Mark Curry, that Cedric the entertainer stole one of his jokes leading to a social media avalanche as users dug up receipts of Cedric allegedly stealing jokes from other comedians, and he also spoke about working with Tyler Perry, Smiley and Martin Lawrence who wanted him to wear dresses in movies he was hired for.

The entire interview rocked the boat, to say the least, as celebrities came out left and right to defend themselves while others ignored him. Still, the scathing interview started 2024 with a bang, and it seems that Minaj, who has been causing her own ruckus, wants him on the Pink Friday tour.

“I want to know- now I know this is the busiest man in show business. I know that he’s rich and that he’s the funniest man in show biz. Can y’all hit up Katt Williams and ask him what would be his price to be a part of the Pink Friday 2 Gag City Tour,” Minaj said while on Instagram Live.

Minaj has been busy promoting her tour, which starts in 10 days. So far, Minaj has revealed to fans that singer Monica is joining her on the tour.

The tour begins March 1 and runs until May 13, 2024.