NLA issues over 6,000 titles under Land Registration Programme Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The National Land Agency’s (NLA) has distributed a total of 6,256 certificates of title under its Systematic Land Registration Programme since the NLA launched its distribution activities in February 2022.

The Systematic Land Registration Programme commenced adjudicating rights and interests in Systematic Adjudication Areas in January 2021. The programme is aimed at assisting persons who have been in open, undisturbed and undisputed possession of land for 12 years or more.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, the NLA hosted a title distribution activity in Santa Cruz, St Elizabeth, where over 1,300 certificates of title were distributed to residents of: Barton’s Wharf, Burnt Savannah, Essex Valley, Haughton, Lacovia, Lititz and several other communities in St. Elizabeth.

The October 11 distribution activity followed similar land titling distribution exercises that were held earlier this year in St Elizabeth and St Catherine.

Chief Executive Officer and Commissioner of Lands at the National Land Agency, Cheriese Walcott, has said the Systematic Land Registration Programme contributes to the fulfilment of the agency’s mandate to issue 20,000 titles in three years.

“The National Land Agency is pleased to have issued over 6,000 certificates of title under the Systematic Land Registration Programme. This shows that Jamaicans appreciate and support the importance of having a registered certificate of title, as land ownership and security of tenure are cornerstones of national development.

“We are also heartened to contribute to the pride persons exude once they can show legitimate proof for the land they occupy.

The NLA is also committed to continue our sensitisation efforts about the importance of having a registered certificate of title and the legitimate channels that exist to acquire property in Jamaica, thereby increasing levels of land registration,” said Walcott.

She highlighted that the prime minister has declared several communities as Systematic Adjudication Areas, and as a result, residents should expect representatives from the NLA to visit their communities to adjudicate their rights and interests in land.

“Systematic Adjudication Areas have been declared in parts of: St Elizabeth, St Catherine and Manchester. A full list of the Systematic Adjudication Areas can be found on the National Land Agency’s website:,” Walcott added.