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Donna-Lee Donaldson and Noel Maitland.

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An April 7, 2025 trial date has been set for Noel Maitland, the police constable who is charged with the July 2022 murder of social media influencer Donna-Lee Donaldson.

The date was arrived at when the matter was heard in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston on Wednesday for a plea and case management hearing.

Appearing in court via Zoom, Maitland was advised that the case is expected to be tried over an eight-week period with a seven-member jury, as opposed to being tried by a judge-alone.

A trial readiness hearing is to begin on January 24, 2025, which will be to ensure that all witnesses, statements and other relevant evidentiary material are in place.

Maitland was subsequently remanded in custody.

The policeman, who is also a music producer, has been in custody since July 27, 2022, this after being charged with murder and preventing the lawful burial of a corpse.

Donaldson’s body has never been found, though the police have theorised that she was killed inside Maitland’s Chelsea Manor, New Kingston apartment, and her body later disposed of.

She was reportedly last seen alive at the apartment, and prosecutors have said that forensic analysis has established that bloodstains found inside the apartment belonged to the social media personality.

Donaldson was reportedly last seen with Maitland on July 11, 2022. She was reported missing two days later.

The police have theorised that she was killed sometime between 4pm and 8pm on July 12, the last day cell site analysis placed her phone, as well as Maitland’s phone, in the vicinity of the apartment.

Investigators believe that Maitland acted alone in the killing of Donaldson, but theorise that he may have received help to dispose of the body.

Amid the raft of allegations against him, Maitland has maintained his innocence.

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