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Move comes because fatal collision occurred on a closed road

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The fatal crash scene on Tuesday along a closed section of the Albion main road in St Thomas.

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The three fatalities that resulted from Tuesday’s two-vehicle collision along a section of the Albion main road in St Thomas have been officially erased from the national database and fatal collision statistics of the Road Safety Unit (RSU).

According to the RSU, its decision to do so is based on information it has since received from the police that the collision occurred on a closed section of roadway which is undergoing construction.

Part of the criteria the unit uses for reporting on and recording fatal collision are that: the crash has been reported to the police; the crash occurred on a road open to and being used by the public, whether the road is public or private; and the crash involved a vehicle which, at the time of the crash, was in motion.

In its own reporting on the St Thomas crash, the RSU noted that the incident occurred at about 6:40 pm on Tuesday, and involved two white Toyota Corolla-make vehicles.

The RSU said both vehicles were proceeding along the Albion main road in opposite directions.

“Both vehicles were travelling along the westbound carriageway that is currently under construction. On approaching a section of the roadway, it was reported that the Toyota motorcar registered 5205 KH was in the process of overtaking and whilst in the process of overtaking, both vehicles collided head-on, causing injuries and fatalities,” the RSU said.

Three males aged 61, 29 and 41 years died as a result of the impact.

Other reports are that the vehicles were being operated as public passenger vehicles, and 12 persons were taken to hospital suffering from various injuries.

Meanwhile, the RSU is reporting that 135 people have been killed in 123 fatal crashes as at Friday, April 28. This represents an eight per cent decrease in fatalities and a five per cent decline in fatal crashes when compared with the similar period in 2022.

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