NWC customers told to brace for water restrictions Hope, Mona systems

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The National Water Comission (NWC) is reporting that Water Supply Regulations are to be Implemented for Hope and Mona systems.

The restrictions are to come in effect on Monday, June 24.

“With storage levels declining rapidly, customers served by the National Water Commission’s Mona and Hope water treatment facilities will be impacted by water supply regulations, starting Monday, June 24, 2024,” a release from the NWC stated.

“Today, Saturday, June 22, 2024, the Mona Reservoir in St Andrew is at 66.1% of its capacity or 534.8 million gallons, with the storage levels decreasing quickly. Similarly, limited inflows have been contributing to declining storage levels at the Hope Water Treatment Plant.

In light of this, the NWC has been forced to implement water supply regulations as a way of managing the water supply across the network.

The NWC understands that challenges may arise as a result of the adjustments to the distribution of the supply. However, every effort is being made to manage the storage levels so that customers may have access to water supply for longer periods,” the release from the water company stated.

“In the meantime, the Commission will continue to monitor the Mona and Hope systems and provide updates as necessary. Customers are also encouraged to conserve and store water during the supply periods.

The NWC deeply regrets any inconvenience caused by this necessary water supply regulation and craves the patience and understanding of its valued customers,” the release said.