NWC, the single largest user of energy in Jamaica, to cut bill Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Government will be embarking on a series of initiatives, including infrastructural upgrades, aimed at reducing the energy consumption of the National Water Commission (NWC).

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Senator Matthew Samuda, who highlighted the significant impact of energy costs on the entity, indicated that one of the key initiatives is the installation of a floating solar system over the Mona Reservoir in St Andrew. 

The system, to be installed at a cost of approximately US$60 million, will produce 45 megawatts of clean energy, which is expected to save the NWC approximately $1 billion per year.

“That… will no doubt be reinvested into systems right across the length and breadth of Jamaica,” Samuda stated. 

He was addressing the recent ground-breaking ceremony for the $60-million Minard Well Replacement Project in Minard, St Ann.

Samuda said the NWC is the single largest user of energy in Jamaica, noting that the entity expends upwards of 30 per cent of its total revenue on this provision.

“[So] that investment process started because we have committed to the country that we’re going to bring down that energy bill through reduction in energy usage,” he pointed out.

Senator Samuda also outlined plans to replace more than 36 of the NWC’s oldest and most energy-inefficient pumps and undertake the necessary rewiring and maintenance work. 

This engagement, costing $904 million, aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the entity’s pump systems, he further stated.

“We have committed that we’re going to increase our supply of water to ensure that the [NWC] moves from supplying 75 per cent of Jamaicans’ water to 90 per cent,” Samuda indicated.

He further pointed out that the remaining 10 per cent would be provided through systems managed by the municipal corporations. 

He noted that the Government’s efforts to address NWC’s high energy costs is part of a broader strategy to enhance Jamaica’s infrastructure and support economic growth.